"Every great achievement begins with the decision to try and the commitment to keep pushing until the goal is reached."

- Amelia Earhart -

Not sure whether awards are for you? Here’s a few reasons why you should consider entering…

  • We know the awards isn’t just one night…

Whether you’re shortlisted or win, we provide you with the tools and assets to make the most of your success and showcase your firm and credibility in your locality

  • Winning an award is a powerful indication of trustworthiness to prospective customers

Awards success can not only improve your profile with prospective clients, but it can also help to recruit new talent to “award-winning firms.”  Entering awards and pitting yourself against your peers are part of a wider culture of excellence, innovation and success in an organisation… how do you stack up against your competition?

  • Transparency in Judging Process

At the heart of our awards programme lies a transparent and impartial judging process. We pride ourselves on the integrity of our judging panel, comprising independent industry experts who evaluate submissions based solely on merit and predefined criteria. Rest assured, financial considerations such as purchasing tables or sponsorships have no bearing on the outcome of the judging process.

  • Merit-Based Recognition

We believe in celebrating achievements that truly make a difference within our industry. Our awards are merit-based, with winners selected purely on the strength of their submissions and their contributions to advancing our field. Whether you’re a seasoned industry leader or an up-and-coming innovator, your success in our awards program is determined solely by your accomplishments.

  • Inclusivity in Participation

Diversity is at the heart of our awards programme. We welcome entries from organizations of all sizes, backgrounds, and financial capacities. Our commitment to inclusivity ensures that every participant, regardless of their scale, has an equal opportunity to showcase their achievements and be recognized for their contributions to our industry. Our hybrid ceremony, uniting regulated and unregulated companies, offers accessibility to all participants and includes alcohol-free tables to promote inclusivity and accommodate all.

  • Integrity and Reputation

As stewards of our industry’s integrity, we uphold the highest standards of fairness and transparency. Our commitment to integrity ensures that every accolade bestowed is a true reflection of excellence and achievement. 

Entries for the 2024 Awards have now closed.

Entry Process

  • The deadline to enter the awards is the Friday 5th July 2024.
  • The early-bird rate to enter the awards is £129.00+VAT. This rate is available until Friday 24th May 2024. This enables you to enter up to three categories. You do not need to complete your written submission immediately.
  • The standard rate to enter the awards is £169.00+VAT. This rate will be applied from Saturday 25th May 2024, until entries close on Friday 5th July 2024. This enables you to enter up to three categories. You do not need to complete your written submission immediately.
  • Should you wish to enter just one of the categories on offer, the rate is £89.00+VAT. This rate will be available until entries close on Friday 5th July 2024. You do not need to complete your written submission immediately.
  • Finalised submissions must be completed on the Judgify portal by midnight on Friday 12th July 2024. This gives you one additional week after entries close to perfect your written submission.
  • Full details on how to use the judgify platform will be confirmed by a member of the year.
  • Before you enter, please carefully read the criteria for each category to ensure that you/your organisation are eligible to enter. There are restrictions on the size, location of type of organisation in some categories.
  • To enter, please complete the form below and download the relevant award submission pack from the British Wills & Probate website.
  • Once we receive firms’ award entry, an invoice will be generated by our accounts department, on behalf of Solve Legal Ltd t/a Today’s Media, payable within 14 days. Confirmation and your invoice will be sent within 48 hours.

Terms & Conditions

  • Please note that invoices will be raised at the point of entry and must be paid regardless of whether submissions are completed and received.
  • Submissions will not be considered for judging until the entry fee has been paid in full.
  • The British Wills & Probate Awards reserves the right to withdraw a category if an insufficient number of entries are received. In this circumstance, applicants to this category will be contacted to advise of this change.
  • In the event that the in-person ceremony is unable to go ahead (COVID-19 outbreak / national lockdown) this event will delivered online.
  • No refunds will be given for award entry.
  • Shortlisted firms / legal suppliers / award applicants will be contacted from w/c 19th August 2024 and will be announced on Today’s Wills & Probate.
  • Subscribe to Today’s Wills & Probate to receive all awards updates.